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Welcome to SPUC's listserv! This forum exists to give those who 'live' in pediatric urgent care an opportunity to share, converse, and network.

Please review the rules for participation on this listserv. We look forward to many interesting and enlightening discussions.

Listserv Policies

  1. SPUC's listserv is for all healthcare professionals who work in the Pediatric UC, PED fast track, unscheduled care environment.

  2. This listserv is moderated. We reserve the right to switch to pre-moderation (meaning posts are screened before posting) at any time for individual list members or for the entire list, or to suspend posting privileges for any user, if, in our sole opinion, it seems appropriate to do so. In any case, it is important that the tone of the messages remain civil. Abusive language will not be tolerated. Messages which turn into personal attacks upon the sender, rather than discussion of the sender's ideas, are not appropriate. If you disagree with someone, be sure you take issue with his/her thoughts and not him/her personally. Likewise, abusive attacks on products or organizations are not appropriate. However, constructive criticism and civil dialogue is encouraged. Think about what you have written before pressing the send key. Remain professional, whatever you say, to whomever you say it.

  3. Anonymous posts will not be accepted. It is required that you sign your posts, indicating your name and email address at minimum.

  4. Advertising services, equipment, websites, blogs, virus warnings, or off-topic email is prohibited on this listserv. Unless specific advance approval is granted by SPUC administration, you may NOT post any such advertisements directly on the listserv.

  5. Replies: Take care to consider whether you want to reply to the whole list or individually to just the sender of the message. To reply to the whole list: send email to spuc-members@urgentcarepeds.org or use the 'reply' function in your email program. To reply individually to the original sender, look for their email address listed and compose a new email, pasting in the address.

  6. The list of your names and email addresses that you provide when you subscribe is confidential. You needn't worry about someone obtaining the address list and spamming everyone on it. The list will not be sold or given to any outside party or organization.

  7. Copyright issues:

    SPUC cannot protect your copyright interests. While SPUC will make no use of your copyrighted postings without your permission, others may do so.

    SPUC encourages everyone to honor copyrighted material and any subscriber who violates a copyright agrees by virtue of his or her subscription, to indemnify and save SPUC harmless from any and all damages, costs and attorney's fees arising on account of his or her violation of copyright interests.

    Forwarding of someone else's posts without their permission is a violation of copyright, general netiquette, and common courtesy.

    However, quoting portions of a post back to the list in order to remind others what you're responding to facilitates dialogue and is encouraged. See #10, just below.

  8. Quoting posts: If you are replying to the list regarding a post by some other member of the list, it is helpful to all of us if you quote relevant portions of the other person's message, so we know what you are talking about. Do NOT quote the whole letter if it is not relevant. Do NOT send the whole digest back to the list when you respond. Some e-mail systems are set to do this automatically. Find out how to disable that feature or edit out the extra text. It is also not helpful to send messages to the list such as "I agree!" or "Great idea!" or "Hogwash!" if you don't have anything else to say. These sentiments are best emailed to the sender individually.

  9. Subject lines: Please edit subject lines when necessary to make them relevant to your post. This helps people searching for threads later.

  10. Patient Confidentiality: Case study information or questions are welcome, but PLEASE take care to protect patient confidentiality.

  11. SPUC reserves the right to utilize this listserv for periodic announcements related to SPUC business.

  12. Your subscription to this listserv provides you with a revocable privilege to post thereon. SPUC reserves the right to deny posting privileges to anyone deemed to be in violation of the policies contained herein.

  13. By virtue of your subscription to to this listserv, each subscriber agrees to indemnify and save SPUC harmless from any and all damages, costs and attorney's fees arising on account of any claim or assertion of damages for libel or slander made against SPUC by anyone whatsoever, occasioned by the posting by any subscriber of any material of whatever nature.

  14. SPUC does not make any guarantees, implied or otherwise, about the techniques and medical information shared on this list. If you want to try something you heard here, you're on your own!

  15. SPUC reserves the right to change these policies at any time without notice.

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